Evasioni Blu Diving
Escape with us!  

Down... Every time a beginning of a new emotion, leaving everyday life, entering a new dimension. Silence surrounds me, my thoughts slow down, the real world seems a memmory from a long time ago and dream... Dreams start to form and I let myself go, feeling light and happy to feel myself as being part of this other world... This BLUE world! It always commences this way: a dive into the deep, into my most deep, returning to discover my most intimate self... A way to get rid of that heavyness inside, to listen to my own breathing, to listen to my soul and understand it's true essence.  

In the deafening sound of the sea I find my serenity again. I let myself be guided by it's instinct, cradled by the waves, enscorcelled by it's forms, astonished by it's colours, I sink deeper into those places where the BLUE mingles with silence... where I find myself!   I immagine the sea as a special place.... Not just for some, but for many. It's real pure nature through which you can mirror yourself, look inside and take out only the best you have... A place where it is still possible to encounter good souls, kind souls.                                                                                                                                                                

About us

  • How the idea came to life

    Seeking tranquility, serenity, the feeling of being free, the love of the sea and scuba diving, the sensation of flying, absence of gravity, dreaming in between marvelous creatures, it's light plays and vivid colours... catching breath again... our "Evasioni Blu", our Blue Escapes. And what better than to make this your job and be able to share you passion with others!    

  • Our Dive Center

    Comfort and reliability; that's what you want from a dive center. We invested to offer you all this; from staff, to logistics, we have worked on offering you the best. The dive center is well maintained and well equiped in every sence with a multimedial classroom, but also the essentials like changing room with shower, rinsing space, personal equipment deposit, comfortable diving zodiac with powerfull motor and new well maintained diving equipment.

  • Our Dive School

    Evasioni Blu Diving is a PADI 5 Star IDC Center. We offer scuba diving courses from those who still have to discover the underwater world to those who want to take it to a professional level. We offer a great variety of specialties. Experience, professionality, devotion, dedication, but above all loads of enthusiasm; those are the characteristics of our instructors.

  • Our philosophy

    Enjoy the Blue, Think Green: We believe everyone should enjoy what the sea offers in the best way possible, but also with absolute respect for the underwater environment. During all our activities we spend a lot of attention to make people aware of the threats of the seas and oceans and we work on the protection and care of the underwater environment through various projects like sea clean-ups. This is our contribution to support the preservation of all that beauty that lies beneath the water surface, so that we, and our feature generations, can continue to dreaming away in it.  


Scuola d'Amare Project

  Dive Against Debris; Because the sea is worth it!

Finathon September 2017; An effort to help

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